Louisa von Behren


I’m a life coach, passionate about helping others achieve their dreams.

I’m also a psychologist, with several years of experience in human resource development, dedicated to continuously learning and challenging myself to offer my clients the most successful coaching experience.

My clients have described me as an inspiring coach, an empathetic listener, an excellent questioner, a positive challenger and a relentless motivator.

Before I became all of this, I was where most of my clients are when they come to me: lost, unhappy and confused. Detached from my dreams, stuck in an unfulfilling job and living a life far from what I had imagined. I was surviving, not living. I knew something had to change but I was scared. It was only with the help of an incredible coach that I was finally able to start following my passion, living my dream and doing what makes me happy.

A journey that was no doubt challenging, yet so rewarding that my mission is to help as many people as possible understand what it means to only have one life – one chance to do what makes you happy and live a life you love – and to coach you to turn this one chance into everything you’ve always imagined.

For more information, please visit my website: http://louisavonbehren.com/