Dear fellow students, exams are in a month. Like, literally next month we will be sitting the exams for this semester. I don’t know where the time has gone.

Basically exam revision is that splendid time of the year when you do the things you normally do in life, surrounded by textbooks and notes. It is as if sitting near the information will magically make you learn it, we hope.

Studying for exams can be a stressful time, so if you’re a student then you’ll relate to these 5 things students do while studying (or maybe it’s just me).

1.  Consume a huge amount of caffeine

Exam time means spending all day studying, like ALL day into the night. This requires some help.. Introducing coffee and energy drinks. So pick your poison, because if caffeine wasn’t already your best friend then it is now.

2.  Procrastination inflation

Now that the time is coming to present all the knowledge you (should’ve) gained this semester, you all of a sudden have a thousand other things to do. Welcome to procrastination. You spread your notes out, pens and laptop at the ready – but you just remembered you forgot to take the Buzzfeed quiz to find out which Mean Girls character you are – three hours later you realise that you suck at studying.

3.  Talk about studying

I will be the first to admit if I spent as much time actually studying as I spend talking about how I need to study or tagging my friends in memes about studying, then I would be less stressed. It’s like if we talk about how we need to study it will remind us we should actually study,

4.  Consider other careers

Reflection is a big part of studying for exams. Generally the reflection should be of the lectures from the semester, but sometimes we reflect further. Whilst stressing for exams we often find ourselves asking if we really need this degree. Like maybe we should just spend our time trying to make viral videos, or find a rich partner. Then with further thought we return to our revision.


Sometimes during this time some study is actually completed! It’s a golden time when you’re on a role absolutely nailing that paper with confidence, Facebook who? You’re too busy smashing out that essay or memorizing those cue cards. Make the most of these moments because they can often come far apart. We all know cramming is the most stressful, soul crushing activity that we never seem to be able to avoid.

These are basically five of the things students do to get through studying, but just remember the celebrations that will follow your last exam.

I like to think that this blog relates to other students, if not at least writing this blog provided me a good opportunity to procrastinate. Good luck everyone!