Winter is coming and yes it is going to be bad! For anyone who isn’t from Dunedin let me tell you it is only going to get colder! During these tough times we really have to troop through, so I’m going to reflect on the positives of Winter (yes.. there are positives!).

1. Winter is the perfect excuse to stay in bed!

Wearing your pj’s all day is acceptable when it’s 3 degrees outside. Why venture out in the cold when you can study from bed! Or maybe watch a Netflix series or two, without the guilt of missing out on a nice day. Thanks winter for another reason to stay in bed.

2. Snow.

The morning you wake up dreading your cold trek to uni or work, but then you look out your window and the most amazing white fluff covers the ground.. is there a more beautiful sight? Snow is just one of those things that turns you straight back into a 5 year old. Whether you’re out amongst it having a snow fight, or inside snuggling up. Snow is always fun.

3. Hot drinks and soup.

Winter is the perfect time to up your coffee date quota because there is nothing like warming yourself from the inside on a cold Dunners day, or coming home and indulging in some hot soup! My mouth is watering at the thought.

4. Excuse to go shopping.

Winter is the perfect excuse to increase your wardrobe. Like seriously how are you supposed to survive without new winter clothes?! Winter clothes always tend to be comfy and soft, with the added bonus that you have months until you’ll be exposing your ‘summer bod’ again and so winter is the perfect time to treat yourself! But most of all stay warm, never underestimate the power of layers, you’ll thank me later.

5. Winter activities.

Living in Dunedin makes for a convenient trip to central. Hit a road trip to Queenstown with your mates and experience a true winter wonderland! Queenstown has so much to offer, including of course skiing and snowboarding.

So while you’re experiencing those winter blues just remind yourself that it’s not all bad. Make sure you rug up and keep warm because being sick sucks and no one can be bothered with that!