Sleep is amazing. There is no denying that. But, hear me out when I say you should start getting up earlier. I’m not saying you need to be up by 5, finished the gym by 6, and heading to Uni at 7. That would definitely be overkill. But the benefits of getting up even an hour earlier are clear.

I love a lie in as much as the next sleep deprived student, but when that 9am lecture rolls around I definitely struggle to drag myself out of bed. Everyone has that early lecture they have to set ten alarms for and still don’t know if they’ll make it. Sleeping in during the week only makes it harder to get up early when you need to. By getting up even an hour earlier than usual each day of the week, you will find those early mornings much easier and miss less lectures!

Being up earlier also means you can experience the beautiful colour swirls in the sky as the sun comes out. There’s just something about a nice sunrise that makes getting up early not so bad. An added bonus to being up early enough to see the sunrise is you can take a cheeky snapchat or instagram, because we all know you want to – #ProvingIWasUpEarly

So if making it to your lectures and seeing the sunrise hasn’t sold you on getting up earlier I don’t blame you, you want to enjoy every precious hour in bed you can. But if you start your day earlier then you can have more time later in the day to chill out, maybe hit Unipol with a few mates or head to bed earlier to binge watch the latest series you’re hooked on. The real question is if the sleep in is worth the late night library session?

Then comes Sunday. The glorious day of nothing. Sunday might as well have been invented for the sleep in, it’s the perfect reward to end a tough week. Even better, if you did manage to get yourself out of bed throughout the week then your Sunday sleep in is like a glorious reward that you’ll appreciate even more.

Whether you decide to get up earlier or not we all know that eventually a last minute test or assignment will creep up and a late night will be inevitable. Be sure to catch up on the Z’s this week while on semester break then start fresh next week.